Deborah Meaden’s Biggest Investments and Secret To Success On Hit TV Show Dragons Den Explored

Hit TV Investor, Entrepreneur and Business Savy Deborah Meaden Is quickly becoming the most prolific investor of Dragon’s Den in History. With The biggest Investment in the show secured by Meaden and dozens of successful business now under her belt – we Explore her Secret to Financial Success and the future of her Investments: 


The new arrangement of hit TV show Dragons’ Den profits to our screens for Sunday, and invites three new financial specialists to the show.

Form magnate Touker Suleyman, serial restaurateur Sarah Willingham and’s Nick Jenkins, the web based welcome cards business visionary, will sit down in the Den nearby veteran speculators Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones.

In any case, who is the best Dragon to focus as a developing business looking for financing?

An examination of the ventures that occurred amid a years ago’s arrangement demonstrates that Deborah Meaden is by a long shot the most productive financial specialist in the Den.

Ms Meaden was included in seven out of the eight fruitful ventures made over the span of arrangement 12.

As indicated by an inside and out examination by Tiger Mobiles, she put an aggregate of £345,000 into new businesses, the most noteworthy ever Dragon add up to interest in a solitary arrangement.

Deborah Meaden’s Series 12 ventures:

Spoon Cereals – Ms Meaden put resources into the London-based granola organization close by Peter Jones, taking a 30pc stake for £50,000

Grasp it Fixings – The Dragon put £80,000 for a 25pc stake in the producer of the Grip It settling, an item intended to help individuals append anything from radiators to racks to plasterboard dividers

Only for Tiny People – Ms Meaden now has a 25.37pc partake in the custom teepee organization, contributing £50,000.

Clean Heels – Kelly Hoppen put close by Ms Meaden in this arrangement, which saw the match take a 25pc stake for £50,000. The item prevents high heels from soaking in wet or uneven ground

Zeven Media – Ms Meaden claims a 25pc cut of this photograph stall procure business, setting up £50,000

Swing Patrol – This swing move organization won a £65,000 speculation from Ms Meaden for a 20pc stake

Yee Kwan – Ms Meaden was won over by this frozen yogurt creator propelled by the East, contributing £50,000 for a 30pc value stake

“I really thought the bore of the pitches was great amid the last arrangement,” Ms Meaden told the Telegraph. “I’m not searching for pitch quality, increasingly that additional something – a comprehension of the business.”

“I win the arrangements that I need, it’s not about beating alternate Dragons, in no way like that, and I picked extremely well. I’m exceptionally satisfied.”

Ms Meaden likewise did manages two different organizations over the span of the arrangement yet her interests in vessel upkeep business Seabung and kids’ overcoat organization Baggers Originals later failed to work out.

“There’s dependably things that turn out after the cameras quit shooting and that can be precarious,” she said.

At the point when gotten some information about being UK business people’s most loved Dragon, Ms Meaden stated: “I don’t invest any energy contemplating fame. There’s isn’t time.”

What’s in store for the new Dragons?

The new Dragons, Mr Suleyman, Ms Willingham and Mr Jenkins, have an intense demonstration to take after.

The normal Dragon endures five arrangement and promises £1.2m amid every arrangement, in spite of the fact that not these arrangements finish.

Mr Jones is the most productive speculator, offering venture to 59 of the 162 organizations who effectively pitched on the show.

As per Ms Meaden, the new Dragons “hit the ground running” this arrangement.

“I wouldn’t stress over them,” she said. “Typically it takes a while to bed in another Dragon not to mention three yet it just worked straight away.”

Ms Meaden said that having the new Dragons on board made the new arrangement a great deal more amusing to deal with for her and Mr Jones.

“When you do Dragons’ Den for quite a while with somebody, you comprehend what they’ll say and what sort of speculations they need,” she said. “This made it a great deal all the more intriguing for me and Peter.”