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Looking for a unique DIY wall art idea with a fun twist? Awesome! You will LOVE this wall art!


Diamond Shaped Wood and Mosaic Wall Art. Step by step tutorial on how to make unique wall art for your home.Guardar

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a diamond shaped wall piece to my home decor for awhile now. I just couldn’t seem to find anything in a store that made me go “WOW, this is exactly what I want!” My solution? Just DIY what I wanted instead!

To add a little twist to this DIY Wall Art, I decided to build it without using any glue! With the help of Scotch® Brand I knew I could do it! Have you had a chance to see all the things I was able to check off my to-do list with the help of Scotch® Brand? This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Diamond Shaped Wood and Mosaic Wall Art. Step by step tutorial on how to make unique wall art for your home.


Scotch® Extreme Mounting Tape
Scotch® Clear Mounting Tape
– Scissors (I adore my Scotch™ Precision Scissors!)
– Foam board
– Pencil
– Ruler
– 3/4″ thick plywood
– Scrap pieces of wood
– Sanding sponge (I use the 3M™ Pro Grade Precision Ultra Flexible Sanding Sponge.)
– Paint with foam brush, paper towel, wax paper, and water
– Stained glass or mosaic tiles
– Safety glasses (I really like my pink and white 3M™ Flat Temple Safety Eyewear.)
– Stained glass cutters
ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
– Grout
– Plastic spatula
– Sponge
– Rubber gloves
Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips

– Compound miter saw
– Table saw
– Jig saw

Cut list:
– Plywood Background: 17 3/4″ wide by 20 3/4″ high
– Frame pieces: 4x – 14″ long x 1 1/4″ wide x 1/2″ thick with miter angles of 40 degrees on one end and 50 degrees on the opposite end.
– Interior pieces: 4x – 7″ long x 1 1/4″ wide x 1/4″ thick with miter angles of 40 degrees on one end and 50 degrees on the opposite end.

How to build unique wall art


Step 1: I started off by tracing my desired diamond shape design onto a piece of foam board with the help of a pencil and a ruler. I did this in order to get an idea of what it would look like and it would also show me the exact sizes and shapes of the wood pieces I would need in order to put it together.

Sketch your design before cutting pieces to make your wall art.

Step 2: Once I determined my design was perfect, we traced the outline of the diamond onto the piece of plywood. Using a jigsaw, we cut out the piece.

Wood Diamond out of plywood

Step 3: We measured and traced the 4 frame pieces and the 4 interior pieces onto scrap wood. We used a table saw and the compound miter saw to cut out the pieces.

How to cut scrap pieces of wood

Diamond details out of scrap wood

Step 4: With a sanding sponge, we sanded the 8 pieces of wood and the piece of plywood. We then dry-fitted the frame pieces over the piece of plywood to make sure they all fit nicely together. We made it so that the frame pieces would hang over the side of the piece of plywood by 1/4″.

Make sure to sand your wood pieces before dry fittingDry fit wall art before assembling it

Step 5: Using the same staining technique I usually use, I stained the 8 pieces of wood in brown. It’s important to also stain the piece of plywood we had cut out for the base of the project, for hanging. I let them dry out for a couple hours.

How to stain wood easilyHow to stain wood easily

Step 6: Next up, cutting the stained glass! First thing we did was put on our safety glasses (very important!). We placed the stained glass on a flat surface and used our stained glass cutters to cut the stained glass in small pieces. Safety tip: When using glass cutters, always cut away from you. To break the pieces apart once the glass is scored, snap outwards and not inwards, placing your thumbs parallel to each side of the score.

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