Every year Gabrielle and Emanuelle ask me where do Santa’s reindeer park when they get to our house because they want to leave food for them. I explain to them that they park on our roof like they do when they get to other homes. Of course they can’t leave them food on the roof. This year I decided it was time to get Santa to park his reindeer somewhere where the girls can leave the reindeer food. What better way to tell them where to park than with a parking sign, right?

Reindeer Parking Sign! Looking for a way to tell Santa where you'd like him to park his sleigh so that your kids can leave food for the reindeer? Make a Reindeer Parking sign!

The girls were so excited when I told them that we would make a Reindeer Parking sign to put outside. And I was excited to use my Silhouette Portrait for the very first time! P.S. Silhouette has a CRAZY AMAZING Black Friday Sales Event going on right now! You can get all the info here, or visit the Silhouette website directly. Make sure to use the code DIYDREAMER for the discounts to apply.


– Wood plaque
– Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette CAMEO
– Gold Glossy Adhesive Vinyl
– Premium Transfer Paper
– Scissors

Step 1: I started off by designing my sign with Silhouette Studio. I made sure to put the page size the same size as my wood plaque (8×10). I used a reindeer from a Reindeer Set I found at the Silhouette Design Store.
Designing a Reindeer Parking Sign with Silhouette Studio.

Step 2: Once the design was to my liking, I filled the design with color, and printed it with my printer. I wanted to make sure the size and placement was to my liking.
Print Design Before CuttingStep 3: Since the design was perfect, it was time to insert the vinyl in my Silhouette Portrait. I went into the Silhouette Studio program and selected Vinyl and it selected the recommended cut settings.
Silhouette Reindeer Cut File

Step 4: I then selected Send to Silhouette and clicked Start. The Silhouette Portrait did all the work from there. The vinyl went into the machine and the vinyl came back out as it was being cut. It was really fun to watch!
Silhouette Portrait Cutting Vinyl

Step 5: I proceeded by removing the negative vinyl (the vinyl that I was not going to use).
Remove negative

Step 6: I applied Silhouette Premium Transfer Paper to my design. I did this so that the front of my design would stick to it and it could then be transferred back side onto my wood plaque (otherwise my design would be backwards on the wood plaque). I found this video on how to use Premium Transfer Paper very helpful: Premium Vinyl 102. Remember, this was my first project. I should have lined up the grid with the bottom on the letters, rather than just putting it over. The grid is very helpful when transferring your design to your project, to keep everything straight.
Silhouette Premium Transfer Paper
Step 7: I applied the Premium Transfer Paper onto my wood plaque, making sure to rub it very well so that the design would stick completely onto the surface.
How to transfer vinyl

And voilà, we have ourselves a Reindeer Parking Sign!!

Reindeer Parking Sign! Looking for a way to tell Santa where you'd like him to park his sleigh so that your kids can leave food for the reindeer? Make a Reindeer Parking sign!

Isn’t it cute? The girls will be sprinkling Reindeer food around the bottom of it on Christmas Eve. I’m sure the Reindeer will appreciate some yummy food!

Of course, now that I see how easy it is to make sign with my Silhouette Portrait… I kind of did A LOT of shopping at the Silhouette Design Store! I bought so many designs! I just had to take advantage of the Black Friday 50% off! P.S. It ends Dec. 8th, so you still have time to shop! 🙂

Have a FABULOUS day!

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