Valentine decorations are so much fun.  I love the punch that red adds to the room decor.  With Valentine’s Day coming my little ladies and I had a great time creating these valentine crafts. We made Valentine Branch Trees, Valentine Art Easels and Valentine Banners. Our Valentine decor turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  I hope our DIY Valentine Decorations will inspire you to decorate for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine Decorations

You can have the step-by-step of the Valentine Heart Banner here.


Valentine Branch Tree

Supplies: – Vase (Dollar store) – Branches (We went outside and had loads of fun trying to find the perfect branches hehe) – Foam hearts (Dollar store) or cut hearts out of red foam sheets. – String – Hole punch (Mini holes) – Doily


Step #1: Place the doily, vase and branches wherever you wish. (hehe Simple no?) Step #2: Use the hole punch to make a small hole in the foam heart. Step #3: Cut a piece of string, thread it through the hole and tie it. Step #4:Hang your cute little hearts onto your Valentine ”branch” tree.

Valentine Heart Tree


Valentine Art Easel

Supplies: – Easel (Dollar store) – Canvas (Dollar store) – Sponge – Paint (Red & White)


Step #1: Cut a heart out of the sponge. Step #2: Dip your heart in paint and stamp it as you please on your canvas. Step #3: Once your art is dry, you can mix red and white to make some pink and stamp your canvas again.  When it’s dry display it 🙂

Valentine Craft Decor

You’ll notice that one of the canvas has changed quite a bit.  When it was time to stamp more hearts, my youngest decided to rub the canvas with the heart sponge instead of stamping it. hehe  Her hearts disappeared and the canvas became all red.  I thought Gabrielle 3 red/pink hearts looked quite cute, so once Emanuelle’s canvas was dry…. Ema and I stamped white hearts.

Valentine Art Craft DecorValentine Art Decor


This is the first year we actually ”decorate” for Valentine’s Day… and I must say I love it!!

Valentine Decor

With V-Day approaching quickly, do you do something special with your children?
Do you know of any Valentine Games I could play with them?

Well, I’m off to create Valentines cards with my daughters.

Have a FABULOUS day!

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