Make Your Very own Backyard Seed Wreath for Bird Time Feeding

We don’t know there’s any better approach to appreciate some espresso than with a flawless perspective of cheerful flying creatures topping off on breakfast. With this simple DIY, your chickadees, cardinals and sparrows get a nibble and you get the opportunity to enliven your trees with a bright wreath. Win-win!


1. Blend 2 bundles of unflavored gelatin with some warm water.

2. Include 6 tbsp of light corn syrup and 1/2 measures of flour. Blend until smooth.

3. Gradually include 8 measures of birdseed, mixing as you go. Heads up: It may take a while to get all the flying creature seed covered — keep at it!

4. Gently coat within the bundt container with cooking splash.

5. Include a couple of crisp or solidified cranberries to the dish.

6. Spoon the birdseed blend into the bundt skillet, pushing down immovably.

7. Give the wreath a chance to dry for 24 hours.

8. Painstakingly expel the wreath from the bundt container and circle strip through to hang it up.

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