10 Apps for Home Improvements and DIY Home Decors

Now you don’t have to waste your time by making notes and documents. Nowadays, the technology has become so advanced. The multiple DIY Décor apps are available in the market that help people with home improvement tasks. Home design is not different from DIY Décor. These top 10 apps provide different tools that will help you with various aspects of home designing and decoration projects.

Top 10 Homes Improvement & DIY Décor Apps

  1. Room Planner LE Home Design:

With this app, you can easily map out your home or any room you’ve always wanted to renovate. You can easily lay out all rooms with their precise measuring of 1/8 of an inch. This amazing app allows you to play with different colors, materials, and textures before building.

  1. Dream Home:

Start your home’s DIY Decoration with this adventures Dream Home app. This app provides the variety of updated home designs ideas that will keep you constantly inspired.  With the Dream Home, you can select any room type and beautiful galleries according to your needs.

  1. Quick Quote:

This app is developed by “Australian House & Garden Magazines.” Quick Quote will assist you with DIY Décor needs of your all house and garden. With its advanced technology, you can precisely set any angle and dimension.

  1. Handy Man DIY:

Want a DIY approach to decorate your home? Handy Man DIY is the number 1 app in the list of DIY home décor apps. This app offers assistance, videos, and instructions that will help you from flooring to compiling the list of material.

  1. Fabric U:

For working with Upholstery and sewing projects, Fabric U is a great app for beginners. This app provides easy access to different tutorials and videos that contain important information about different fabrics.

  1. Quick Chippy:

This is the app with a wide range of calculators for the home handyman. Quick Chippy is the app that provides you with running measures in your hands. This is designed by a carpenter that helps to take out the math out of the building projects.

  1. Magic Plan:

Now create the map of your house with all angels and measurements by taking pictures. Magic Plan is the wonderful app that moves furniture digitally before making final designs. This app needs a device with a gyroscope that makes the auto measures to work.

  1. Airtasker:

We all need a person for the improvement of our home or different DIY Décor. This wonderful app connects you with a local tardie or other workers you might need during the renovation. You can choose a person for the renovation by viewing the reviews of other people.


  1. Plattes:

 Confused about colors or not sure which color will look perfect in your room? Plattes is an amazing app that allows you to take a picture of any pattern, designs, and colors that inspires you. You can easily convert those designs into an eye-catching design easily.

  1. iHandy Level:

This is the most popular app in the App Store. The iHandy Level is the app that will turn your smartphone into the level to assist with hanging arts and other home improvement projects.

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