Best Tools for Maintaining a Home Garden

Starting a garden is easy. You just need a patch of green land, some plants, and some tools. But is it enough to maintain a healthy growing garden? It gets a lot difficult when you have to manage your home garden. Sometimes people don’t know how to maintain their garden and ensure its continuous growth. Thinking to start a home garden or recently bought a home with a beautiful garden? Don’t worry, here I am going to share best gardening tools that will help you in maintaining the continuous growth, health, and beauty of your home garden.

8 Best Tools for Maintaining Home Garden

  1. Shovel:

A shovel is at the top of best gardening tools with its versatile working. It is one of the best tools in every gardener’s sheds. With its angled blade you can easily move piles of soils sands and other material. For digging the plants out of the ground, the shovel is typically the best gardening tool to choose. Tired of deer, rabbits, and unwanted creepy critters? You can use this gardening tool to wave and chase these annoying critters from your home garden.

2. Trowel:

Most important gardening tool, a trowel is perfect for seedlings, planting bulbs, and many other smaller plants. It is available with sturdy handles. With its tapered tips, the trowel has cupped metal blades. The trowels with serrated edges along the side of its blades make it really useful for the cutting of small roots and debris.

3. Garden Fork:

It is also known as the potato fork or spading. Garden fork is the best tool for aeration and turning of soil. You can easily turn clay with garden forks. With this gardening tool, you can easily break different chunks on the ground, and to work fertilizers, organic matter, and other adjustments into the soil. For the removal of buried rocks and roots, garden fork is an ideal tool to use.

4. Garden Rake:

Smoothing and dressing the mulch of soil in the planting bed, Garden Rake is the perfect tool for this purpose. With the small tines of this gardening tool, you can easily corral small stones, break small clods of soil and debris. For planting and leveling the soil, use the flathead style of this garden rake.

5. Garden Hoe:

The Garden Hoe is best to remove unwanted soil and weeds from the planting bed. You can easily break the clump of soil with this gardening tool. With its sharp blades, you can easily make planting furrows in the soil. For the better working, use this tool at the slanted angle.

6. Pruning shears:

If you are growing vegetables, fruits and other herbs in your garden, then this gardening tool is for you. This tool is used to harvest fresh produce. From cutting unwanted bushes to the trimming of long grass and from shaping shrubs to reshape small hedges, this gardening tool can do all these tasks easily.

6. Wheelbarrow:

Gardens and yards generate lots of debris for the composite piles. Garden beds benefit from mulch and organic matter. Wheelbarrows and garden carts make these types of jobs much easier. For bulky and large loads, use two-wheeled carts with stable high sides.

8. Watering wand:

This is the magical tool that acts like a long distance watering can. The watering wand has shut/off mechanism that saves the water from wasting. Many wands have rubber or foam covering around its handles that isolate your hands from the cold water. 

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