Yellow sapphires are among the rarest and most precious of all gems. Also known as a heliodor, yellow sapphire stone gets its color from traces of iron in the stone’s makeup, which causes the yellowish tinge to appear and make it so stunning. Yellow sapphire stone jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings have been prized since ancient times, and they are still some of the most popular pieces you can find today.

How does yellow sapphire help us with physical ailments?
Yellow sapphire stone is an excellent healing stone that can help with ailments such as digestive disorders, arthritis, and skin problems. But what makes it so special? The answer lies in its color. The color yellow brings awareness to the solar plexus chakra, which governs our sense of power and self worth. It also enables us to more easily release tension and stress from our physical body, making it an excellent tool for calming anxiety or depression.

How can yellow sapphire improve our mental outlook on life?
As the stone of joy, yellow sapphire can help boost your mood. In fact, it’s been said that just wearing a yellow sapphire necklace (or even just carrying one on you) can make you feel happier. While this may seem like an old wives’ tale, science backs it up; according to research published in Scientific America, people who wore the color blue for two hours straight had higher levels of self-esteem and less anxiety than those who were assigned to wear other colors.

How is yellow sapphire important to our spiritual well-being?
Yellow sapphire has been shown to boost self-confidence, promote optimism, and provide inner peace. A yellow sapphire stone can be used as an affirmation by carrying it in your pocket or wearing it on your person. By reminding yourself that you are unique and worthy, you will develop the confidence needed to take on new opportunities and grow into the person you want to be.

Which pieces of yellow sapphire jewellery are the most suitable for everyday wear, and which ones should be saved for special occasions?
For everyday wear, yellow sapphire earrings are the perfect option. The bright and cheerful tone will perk up your mood and make you feel happy.

How do we care for our yellow sapphire jewellery, and how can we keep it shining bright?
To prevent the yellow sapphire from turning to brown, it needs to be taken off if you are sweating or getting dirty. You should also use a soft cloth with mild soap and water to wipe down your jewellery. Finally, store your jewellery in its original pouch or box when not in use.

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